Cookies policy

The following Rules concern our Cookies Policy:

  1. The website does not collect automatically any information, except the information contained in the cookies.
  2. The cookies files are computer data, in particular text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user of the Website and are intended for use of websites. Usually, they are simple text files containing the name of the website they come from, their storage time on the terminal device and a unique number.
  3. The entity that places cookies files on the terminal device of the user of the Website and has access to them is the operator of the Website: SalesTube Sp. z o.o. with the registered office at Al. Jerozolimskie 134, 03-305 Warsaw.
  4. The cookies files are used for the following purposes:a) adjustment of the contents of the SalesTube websites to the User’s preferences and optimisation of the website use; in particular, these files allow recognizing the User's device and display the website appropriately, adjusted to the User's individual needs; b) generation of statistics that help to understand how the Users use the websites, which allows improving its structure and content;
  5. Within the Website, the following types of cookies are used: “strictly necessary” cookies that enables the use of service on the Website, e.g. authentication cookies used for services on the Website that require authentication; b) cookies used for providing security, e.g. used for detecting violations and abuse of the authentication system on the Website;
  6. In many cases software used for browsing web pages (web browser) allows storing cookie files by default on the User’s terminal device. Website Users can change cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed in particular to block automatic support in web browser settings, or notify the User each time cookies are submitted to the Website User's device. Detailed information about whether and how cookies can be supported are available in software settings (web browser).
  7. Website operator informs Users that restricting the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the pages of the Website.
  8. Cookies submitted to Website User's terminal device can also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website operator.

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