Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying

What makes us stand out?
  1. Execution of Campaigns of Various Marketing Objectives

    Depending on clients’ needs, we launch campaigns oriented at various marketing objectives: branding, increasing brand awareness, sales support and lead generation.

  2. Tools Integration

    We use integrated sales, ad serving and analytical platforms. Thanks to that, advetisers have direct access to the real-time data. Centralized access to all tools enables managing campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

  3. Real-Time Optimization

    We use technologies which optimize campaigns according to adopted goals in real time. Everyday, we have access to the most important indicators. Thanks to that, we can react immediately and optimize a campaign we conduct without unnecessary delay.

  4. Ads Visibility

    We always take care that our advertisers’ campaigns are clearly visible. We can target adverts in such a way so that they are noticed by a far larger number of customers than it is assumed by percentage thresholds in a given target audience.

  5. Access to External Supplier Data

    Information on users provided by our partners enables us to categorize them into target audiences to which we address appropriately tailored and precise communication.

  6. Advanced Possibilities of Reaching Target Audiences

    Precise possibilities of targeting enable us to reach people who are a part of a specific target audience.

  7. Effective Remarketing

    We use our clients’ data to make advertising message reach present customers again. We also launch dynamic remarketing campaigns which enable reaching customers through exactly those products which they were interested in or looked for in an online shop as well as substitute or complementary goods which can also be of their interest.

  8. Video Campaigns

    We broadcast video campaigns in the largest publishers: WP Group, Onet RASP, Agora Group, Dailymotion and social media platforms, e.g. YouTube.

  9. YouTube TrueView

    We use the TrueView platform which as one of the first ones among programmatic tools enables buying video space on YouTube. This way, the Client pays only for a full view of an advert and getting to a target page.

  10. Safety

    Thanks to advanced ‘Brand Safety’ filters, we take care that adverts aren’t displayed when there is content unwanted by the Client.

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Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Chief Operation Officer read more
Mirosław Sudoł

Mirosław Sudoł

Head of Programmatic Buying read more
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