The more you know about your customers, the better competitive advantage you have.
If you want to aggregate the consumer data, we will help you implement a suitable CRM system
and adjust messages to your customers’ needs and expectations on different stages of the purchasing process.

Why should you work with us?
  1. All in one

    Integration of offline and online data and a real-time analysis greatly support creating efficient and effective omnichannel marketing strategies.

  2. Tools

    We use the best solutions available in the market. And we can recommend the best system for your business.

  3. Segmenting & Analysing

    Our job is to deeply understand who the customer is and how to reach them.

  4. Seeing the Whole Customer Lifetime Value

    Conversion cost is not for us an indicator of evaluating effectiveness of carried out activities. We look much deeper, analysing a customer lifetime value to see the real value a particular customer has for our business. Based on that, we define appropriate segments and match communication strategies to them.

  5. We Are a Partner
    for Your Business

    We provide support in the whole newsletter process, from creation to sending, preparing appropriate content and optimizing activities.

In the hands of experts
Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Chief Operation Officer read more
Magdalena Niewiadomska

Magdalena Niewiadomska

Head of the Intelligence Division read more
Konrad Chojnacki

Konrad Chojnacki

E-commerce Lead read more
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