Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is nothing more than acquiring new customers for your business. Lead is a person or a company
that is interested in the product you have in your offer. We focus on quality, precision and transparency,
but in the end it is you who decides how to maximize their potential.


  1. Optimization

    Quality is the factor that motivates us to develop ourselves constantly and raise the bar. We collaborate only with trusted publishers and we nurture relations with them because we all have the same goal. We strive to drive the most valuable leads through the use of proven solutions and constant optimization of our activities. Our work environment is Excel in which we calculate, analyse and draw conclusions.

  2. Support

    We provide a permanent experienced account to handle the campaign who will lead you through the implementation process, be at your disposal and answer all the questions you might have. Ongoing specialist support is the backbone of working with us.

  3. We Look Deeper

    We have been generating leads in our Clients’ campaigns for many years and our activities are optimized to deliver the end result, i.e. sales. However, we carefully control sales generation cost and the basket value.

  4. We Share Our Knowledge

    If you want to acquire new customers, but you don’t know how to go about it, we are here to help you. We train our Clients and organize training eagerly sharing our knowledge and we try to find the best solutions together.

  5. No Risk

    We are not afraid of new solutions: tools, mailing databases and new suppliers. However, 100% of the risk is on us - we charge only for results.

  6. Tailor-made Offer

    Each industry, company and product has its own individual needs, different brand awareness and expectations. That’s why our offer for each customer is tailor-made.

  7. Real-Time

    Thanks to the technology we use, we can track all leads we generate in real time.

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Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

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Dominika Wieczorek

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