E-mail marketing

E‑mail marketing

What makes us stand out?
  1. Diversity of bases and targeting precision

    Each of us has personally found out how irritating reading messages is which we are completely uninterested in and offered products are not tailored to our expectations. That is why we try to provide our users with precisely tailored content. We have a possibility of sending messages targeted demographically, taking account of a location, interests, a device on which a mailbox is checked and, above all, purchase intentions. We send messages at appropriate intervals diversifying the offer so that a user is not overwhelmed and content is highlighted.

  2. We Share Our Knowledge

    Our experience help us to optimize activities We know what works best, what key words increase the open rate and what should be avoided to not get to spam. We help to prepare creatives which apart from the visual quality, enable increasing effectiveness of activities.

  3. A/B Testing

    We value direct cooperation with our clients. We contact them every day without an unnecessary extension of the communication chain. Thanks to that, we plan conducted campaigns more effectively and react fast to business needs.

  4. Real Time

    An appropriately selected base, an interesting creative and an attractive headline are just half the battle. We test various versions and choose the most effective one.

In the hands of experts
Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Chief Operation Officer read more
Dominika Wieczorek

Dominika Wieczorek

Affiliate Manager read more
Mariusz Piekut

Mariusz Piekut

Design and UX Director read more
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