CS-Cart Modules

CS‑Cart Modules

In order to fulfill Clients’ needs, SalesTube develops modules for the CS-Cart platform. Thanks to these modules, Clients can expand and customize system functionality to meet their expectations.


We have created the following dedicated solutions so far:
  • „Alerts” – a management system for alerts related to a shop offer,
  • „Allegro” – integration with the Allegro auction system,
  • „Coupons from WP.PL” – supporting the Bony from WP.PL payment system,
  • „SMS Gateway” – an SMS gateway; sending texts messages on orders and other specific system events,
  • „Checkout Products” – a module for adding any products to the cart at the 3rd step of the checkout,
  • „Comments” – an extended module for product comments,
  • „Criteo” – integration with the Criteo system,
  • „Cron” – an advanced system for handling recurring tasks,
  • „Add Products to Order” – a backend module,
  • „Email Options” – a module that enables adding additional headers and footers to system messages,
  • „Ecoendmore Vendor” – an add-on that integrates vendor’s products with a database,
  • „Habio Vendor” – an add-on that integrates vendor’s products with a database,
  • „Kika Vendor” – an add-on that integrates vendor’s products with a database,
  • „Dotpay” – integration with the Dotpay payment system,
  • „DPD” – integration with the DPD online system,
  • „EasyRec” – integration with the EasyRec system,
  • „eCard” – integration with the eCard payment system,
  • „Product Data Exporter” – a configurable tool for exporting the product data to external systems
    (product database, price comparison sites, SEO campaigns, etc.),
  • „eRaty” – integration with the eRaty instalment plan payment system,
  • „Excise duty” – adds excise duty to the CS-Carta’s tax system,
  • „Exclude products from promotions” – and add-on enabling to exclude selected products from all shop promotions,
  • „Extended Promotions” – adds new functionality to promotion management,
  • „FaniMani” – integration with the FaniMani loyalty program,
  • „Order Flagging” – a backend tool for flagging orders in accordance with rules set in the add-on,
  • „Gratis” – a module for managing gift products in the shop,
  • „GTM” – using Google Tage Manager; reporting transcation data,
  • „Feature Icons” – implementation of function for adding icons to product features,
  • „Postcodes” – a module for validating postcodes and suggesting town names on the basis of postcodes,
  • „MailChimp Integration” – a tool for integrating shop customer database with MailChimp database,
  • „Marketizator” – integration with the Marketizator system - tool for conversion optimization and sales increase,
  • „Mistertango” – integration with the Mistertango payment system,
  • „Notifier” – an internal shop notification system,
  • „Omniva” – integration with the Omniva courier system,
  • „Opinions in Emails” – an add-on for sending mailing on expressing opinion about orders/products,
  • „Order status – answers” – an extended customer/merchant communication management for setting order status,
  • „Paczkomaty” – integration with the Inpost Paczkomaty courier system,
  • „Payback” – integration with the PAYBACK loyalty program,
  • „PayByNet” – integration with the PayByNet payment system,
  • „PayU” – integration with the PayU payment system,
  • „Mass Payment” – a virtual bank account number system; for mass payments,
  • „Cross-sell Pop-ups” – a management system for configurable cross-sell pop-ups,
  • „Product Images Optimization” – an add-on for optimizing product images when they are uploaded to/updated in the shop with the use of external service TinyPNG,
  • „Product in stock report” – product report in stock including product options,
  • „Configurable Product” - a tool for configuring products based on modifiable product options,
  • „Przelewy24” – integration with the Przelewy24 payment system,
  • „Reports” – an add-on for presenting reports on discount coupon use,
  • „Rollbar” – implementation of the Rollbar system for error reporting,
  • „Royal Canin Coupons integration” – integration with the Royal Canin coupon system,
  • „Settlements for Merchants and Customers” – a module for a multi-vendor edition that enables defining returns for merchants and customers,
  • „Sales reports” – an extended statisticial dashboard in the main screen of administration panel,
  • „SEO Extra” – a module for advanced SEO settings in the shop,
  • „Price Offer Zone” – buyers may send a bid offer on products to sellers; a price negotiation module,
  • „Sygma Bank” – integration with the Sygma Bank instalment plan payment system,
  • „Symfonia” – integration with the Symfonia accounting system,
  • „Synerize” – integration with the Synerize system,
  • „Shipment Tracking” – tracking shipments to customers from such couriers as DHL, DPD, Fedex, etc.,
  • „Trade Double” – implementation of the TradeDouble system on advertiser’s website,
  • „Trade Tracker” – implementation of the Trade Tracker system on advertiser’s website,
  • „Trusted Shops” – integration with the Trusted Shops customer protection system,
  • „Your Product Images” – an add-on for adding product images by users; the administrator has a possibility to check and approve images through the panel,
  • „Unique selling points” – a tool for USP management,
  • „View 360 degrees” – allows presenting product images in a 360-degree panoramic view,
  • „webePartners” - reporting order data to the webePartners system,
  • „Zaufane opinie” – integration with the Zaufane Opinie Ceneo system,
  • „Approvals” – a module for configuring and registering any types of approvals from customers when they create an account, edit account data or place an order.

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