SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Before any SEO activities are done, you should carry out an audit that will show all mistakes on the website and be the grounds for further actions. Thanks to SEO audit, you can adjust your web page to current technological requirements of
search engines and thus increase traffic from Google.

What makes us stand out?

Thanks to cutting-edge tools used for SEO audit, we can adjust your website so that it complies with current technological requirements for computers and mobile devices, as well as identify and fix any mistakes in the architecture for web content accessibility.


Our specialists have participated in many international SEO conferences and training during which they have acquired knowledge and qualifications necessary to conduct modern marketing activities. We only use cutting-edge tools and solutions in our work to ensure the best effects.


After an audit, we prepare a report for our Clients which includes a list of recommendations that will result in a better visibility for Google if they are implemented. Our specialists are there to help you in terms of technical aspects after the audit has been carried out.


Our activities directly lead to improving usability of the website, and thus increase the visibility of your site in web search engines. If you follow our recommendations from the SEO audit, we guarantee more traffic from Google and higher revenue from your website.

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Dariusz Jurek

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