Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy defines what a brand is going to be. How your clients perceive you and to what extent they form a bond with your brand depend on the strategy. We know that everyone always needs to develop a reasonable strategy as it translates into turnover, thus profit. See how we can help you

What makes us stand out?
  1. Experience

    Our knowledge of brand strategy is not only based on theoretical assumptions. Our portfolio includes clients and their brands that we helped as well as brands which we created ourselves. Thanks to extensive experience, we completely understand the process of building brand image. We know what to do to make the strategy effective and spectacular.

  2. Individual Approach

    Each company is different. Thus, in order to develop an effective strategy, it is necessary to have an individual approach to a brand. Before getting down to work, we learn about company’s uniqueness, services or products it offers, its owners’ dreams, goals and values they care about.

  3. Analytical Approach

    Paraphrasing a famous quote by Ernest Hemingway: no company is a self-contained island. In order to learn about a real brand position in the market, we take the market situation into consideration, learn about competitors’ activities and potential clients’ needs. Therefore, solutions we suggest respond to real needs of our Clients.

  4. Creative Approach

    A turning point in creating brand strategy is designing strategic concepts. It is, however, a great skill to put them into communication language. No strategy will defend itself without effective and attractive creative. Thus, our strategists systematically cooperate with creative employees, thanks to what strategies we prepare stand out due to their inventiveness, practicality and usefulness.

  5. Knowledge of Media

    Thanks to Group One’s support, we have access to diverse channels to reach your potential clients. Our specialists understand the specificity of each of those channels, thus adjust them properly to needs of your company.

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Kamil Wiszowaty

Kamil Wiszowaty

Chief Executive Officer read more
Maciej Idzikowski

Maciej Idzikowski

Business Intelligence Director read more
Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Sylwia Chmielewska-Fryze

Chief Operation Officer read more
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