What makes us different:

  • Wide range of technology platforms. We work at DV360, AdForm, The Trade Desk.
  • Holistic approach. We focus on omni-channel attribution.
  • Experience. We cover competences in the performance area (CPS, CPL, sales) on 12 CEE markets.
  • Trendsetting. We were the first in Poland to conduct a campaign in the Programmatic Guaranteed model and started buying media using the 1st and 3rd party.
  • Competencies. We have 4 certified Google Individual Platforms trainers in our team.

Experts opinion

Many people can have a Ferrari – the problem is that not everyone can drive it. Our team builds market advantage not only by access to such tools as Dispay & Video 360 or Trade Desk, but also by using them skillfully. Based on quality data and many formats (video, native, data-driven, audio, DOOH) we reach the right recipients at the right time with the right message.

Michał Kukuła, Programmatic Buying Manager

Our clients