What makes us different?

  • Transparency. Our own affiliate network allows us to fully control campaigns.
  • Opportunities. Extensive list of over 500 business partners.
  • Innovation. We were the first in Poland to introduce highlighted mailing on the portal and performed a mailing with a dynamic creation showing real-time content.
  • Flexibility in the form of settlements – CPM, CPC, CPS models and all hybrids.

Tools and certificates

Experts opinion

Performance marketing is an extremely difficult area of activity due to strict ratios and limited space on the Internet, so our team looks for new solutions every day that can develop the Client’s business even more effectively. We manage to do so thanks to our commitment, competence and close cooperation with the largest companies in the world, and thus access to the latest technologies such as GMP, RTB House, Criteo, HasOffers and Taboola.
Izabela Jankowska, Affiliate Specialist, SalesTube