Price comparison engines (Ceneo, Skąpiec, other)

They allow to reach users at one of the last stages of the decision making path. Most of the comparison engines are based on the auction system and the account manager is responsible for bidding and rate optimization. This channel will be a source of large and cost-effective traffic, which can then be closed by remarketing or search engine activities.

Large portfolio of publishers

When preparing the attendance plan we use the resources of our affiliate network. Among the publishers we have among others:

  • Loyalty programs, in which the user decides to purchase a given product in a shop/website to collect points for other purchases.
  • Services aggregating promotions and discounts are visited by smartshoppers, i.e. users with strictly defined purchase intentions, who are looking for the best offer on the market and “hunt” for promotions.
  • Cashback portals, where the user receives cash for each completed purchase. This is a good channel for acquiring new customers, making the offer more attractive and increasing competitive advantage.
  • Offers and services comparison engines are used to attract customers looking for specific products. The customers also have the opportunity to give and read ratings on products and services, which builds trust in the brand.