What makes us different?

  • Cost optimization. CPC on shopping campaigns 20% lower.
  • Confirmed competence. Our team is fully certified for Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.
  • Own tools. We build dedicated SEM solutions for our Clients, e.g. Best Price Hunter, Auction Insight.
  • Training experience. So far we have shared our knowledge with over 300 trainees and 120 companies.

Experts opinion

We form one of the largest SEM teams in Poland, but it is not the scale, but expertise is our greatest strength. Our specialists combine several different competencies in one team; thanks to that our Clients are served comprehensively. We have nearly 50 individual Google Marketing Platform certificates. We use the best tools available on the market, such as SA360 or Data Studio, and we also create our own, maximally adjusted to the Client’s business. Our priority is automation, which optimizes not only the effectiveness of our campaigns, but also our daily work, so we can devote more time to analysis and conclusions.

Magdalena Pobikrowska, Marketing Intelligence Director

Our clients